Pine Notes

Where handwritten notes become treasures

 Copyright 2016

“ I have already used 2 cards! Thank you so much for sending me a selection – tulips, pansies, orchids & lavender fields- way beautiful!!!  
Your calendars would be a beautiful Christmas gift – a fresh tulip reminder that spring is coming.
Maybe for a business desk that desperately needs a touch of beauty & hope” – P.  11/2013 (first customer)

This person encouraged me to go “public” and unknowingly help with the name of my website by writing in the memo section of her check a simple word: “notes” and hence “PineNotes” website was made! (“pine” is my favorite tree) - Lisa

“...beautiful calendar, flowers are great in color, your grandmothers would be proud” – R. 

                R inspired me to write the “About” webpage highlighting my parents & grandmothers
as growing flowers does indeed run in the family - Lisa

“. …love your brilliant “pine notes” card, the verse is original and refreshing & could appeal to everyone.
It matched the energy of the fully opened red tulip” – P.

P - I am humbled by your kind words - Lisa

“Thank you, all your cards are so pretty”  -R.
 R - you are named after one of my favorite flowers.  - Lisa

“...beautiful calendar with all those beautiful flowers photographed by you.
Can’t wait to show some of my friends” –S.
S - beautiful flowers for a beautiful person! truly Thank you - Lisa

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