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Need an Idea?
November 2016 ~ A Five Color Wrap!
This 5 color wrap can be made in many colors!
Pumpkin Spice and Ice Cool Blues shown
email me today for your quote!

How about a Shawl?
There are many colorways the shawl is offered in**

Style and size of shawl you will receive is shown at the very bottom of page and not shown in photos.
Some photos are for color idea only may show a different patterns.

Teaberry is the color above.
Beautiful teal, berry, rose and taupe.
All with a hint of purple. It is a calming and soothing color scheme.


Polo is the colorway shown here.
Right in time for Fall with oranges, burgundy
to purple navy and turquoise greens
just like the ever changing leaves of a tree

Dragon Fly

Dragon Fly is the color way shown here.
Gossamer Wings of purples, emerald, blues and greens

Sunrise is this color choice
  A sunrise slowing rising over the cool blue waters
Beautiful blue mixed with oranges, reds and taupe


Petunia the color is appropriately named for the pink & purple flowers
The sun coming through your hanging basket and the variety of colors shimmer in the glow
Photo does not do the color  justice
All pinks, fuchsia and purples

Stained Glass

Stained Glass is the original color this shawl was made in and shown below
Stunning colors from lime and purple to blues and reds
Like looking through a glass kaleidoscope with the ever changing colors

How to Style your Shawl

Back                                           Front                               Tied behind neck

How to Style your Shawl shown in the original color way of 'Stained Glass'.
Back, Front, and tied behind the neck.
Mannequin is a Women Size 6.
100% Acrylic. Machine wash cold. Lay flat to dry.
All colorways are slightly different as each item is handmade and no two shawls are the same!

*NOTE: Shawls can be custom made for example fringe or a longer length can be done for an additional fee.
Example of additional work that can be done:

Please feel free to email me if you want an item crocheted!
If you have seen me wear a shawl, wrap, or hat feel free to inquire and get a quote.
Credit Cards via PayPal accepted.

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